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Phone Interview Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, companies are turning to phone interviews more and more to start the recruiting process. Phone interviews are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer so it’s important to treat them just as seriously as you would an in-person interview. Below are some tips to help perfect your phone interview skills and help you land that job.

Be Prepared

Just like with a face-to-face interview, it’s imperative to be as prepared as possible for a phone interview. Schedule your phone interview when you know you’ll be free and able to take the call in a quiet space. Have a copy of your resume, cover letter and original job description on hand. Read the job description thoroughly and prepare anecdotes for when you’ve performed the listed duties. It’s also helpful to have information about the company, the person you’re interviewing with and a list of potential questions. The more research you do on the industry, the company and the specific people you’ll be meeting with the better impression you’ll make.

Project a Positive Attitude with Your Voice

Since you only have your voice to depend on, it’s important to speak clearly and try to convey enthusiasm and confidence with your tone. Try to express your passion for your work and let your personality shine through with humor and an optimistic attitude.


Like any good conversation, successful interviews are a two way exchange. Allow the interviewer to lead the discussion and be careful not to interrupt. Listen to the questions carefully and give thoughtful but concise answers.  Don’t go off on tangents, particularly since you’ll be unable to read the interviewer’s non-verbal cues on a phone interview the way you can during an in-person meeting.

Be Assertive

If the interview has gone well and you feel a connection with the interviewer, don’t hesitate to be confident and take the initiative to request a second, in-person interview. If the interviewer doesn’t commit, be sure you ask what the next steps will be, when they’ll notify you about a second interview, the hiring timeline, etc. This shows you’re engaged and interested and having clear expectations on the process will help you rest easier at night as you wait for the phone call.

The most important takeaway should be to treat phone interviews just like an in-person interview. Potential employers are gauging whether you’re worth the time they would spend on an in-person interview so be sure you bring your A game to keep the hiring process moving forward and ultimately win the job you want.

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