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Careers and Coffee #8: Questions to ask during an interview

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss topics such as questions to ask an employer during an interview, when to talk about salary, and what if you don't have any questions?   Full Transcript Dan Holterhaus 0:01 Morning, Liz, Liz Kennedy 0:02 morning careers and coffee. Dan Holterhaus 0:05 Number eight. I got some coffee going. Liz Kennedy 0:08 I have a smoothie. But creason smoothie sounds weird. Dan Holterhaus 0:17 I'll be only on coffee during our careers and coffee chat.

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What to Do After College: Tips on Finding Your First Job

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So you did it. You survived all of those tiring all-nighters, grueling end-of-term finals and (somewhat) balanced keg stands and you're ready for next phase of your life. Graduating from college is a huge feat that calls for celebration. But when the party is over, it’s time to find a job and knowing how and where to find your first job can be tricky without proper guidance. According to a recent news experts are cautiously optimistic for graduates entering the 2021 job market.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits for Iowa Workers

Update to iowa workers on Coronavirus unemployment

UPDATED 5/11/21: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced that Iowans will no longer be able to seek Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, effectively ending this program early. The federal program is set to expire in September. The governor cited hiring needs of employers as the reason to eliminate the extra $300 per week in benefits. Read full story at The Gazette. UPDATED 4/29/21: The IowaWorks website is now offering additional ways for claimants to get help.

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Careers and Coffee #3: What to do when you have a gap in employment

Careers and Coffee

What do you do when you have a gap in employment? How do you network and have a plan to respond to employer questions? Re-entering the workforce can be tricky without the right tools. In this episode, Dan & Liz chat about a gap in employment and opportunities to bridge that gap.   [embed][/embed]   Full Transcript Dan Holterhaus 0:01 Good morning, everyone. Welcome back. This is part three careers and coffee. Liz and Dan. Liz are you drinking tea this morning?

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