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Updated: Why Can’t We Be Friends? : 6 Networking Strategies

So you want to network. Or at least you’ve heard that you should. You've planned on wearing your best shoes, brushing your teeth twice and talking about yourself at several strangers for a few hours until someone hands you a job. Easy, right? Not quite. The best way to have a successful, fulfilling experience at a networking event is by remembering that the goal is for everyone to make connections, not for everyone to offer you a job. Networking is about connecting with other people about shared passions and interests.

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Updated: Why Volunteer? : How Helping Out Can Help You Land a Job

Other than the warm feeling of charity, volunteering can yield many benefits that can give you a leg up when searching for a job. According to a LinkedIn survey, one in five hiring managers said they have hired someone because of their charitable work. Volunteer opportunitiescan open doors to new connections and skills while also giving you a fresh perspective. Below are some of the benefits of volunteer work for your job search. Expand Your Network One of the benefits of volunteering is the chance to make friends and grow your personal and professional networks.

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