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Updated: How To Prepare For A Nursing Job Interview

Nursing Job Interview Cedar Rapids Iowa City

Prepping for a nursing job interview might seem straightforward but the field of nursing carries with it additional considerations beyond what is expected of other job candidates.  After all, people are putting the care of their loved ones in your hands. Hospital and clinic administrators have to interview and hire accordingly, especially given the large number of job openings in most markets. Interview Preparation: Focus On What You Can Bring To the Nursing Job Give serious thought to what you might be asked and how best to answer.

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Updated: Relocating to Cedar Rapids? Fear Not.

relocating to Cedar Rapids - Picture of Skyline, Bridge and River

With its low cost of living, good schools, and recreation options, it’s no wonder more people are relocating to Cedar Rapids. Yet, if your spouse or partner is the one with the job move, you may be understandably apprehensive.  Sure, the homes are affordable, and it seems like the schools are pretty good - but it’s in the middle of the Midwest! And you’re wondering what you’re getting yourself into. Relax - this community has a ton to offer beyond what’s on all those top 10 sites.

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Updated: Phone Interview Tips and Tricks

Phone Interview Tips Corridor Careers Iowa City Cedar Rapids

Nowadays, companies are turning to phone interviews more and more to start the recruiting process. Phone screens or initial interviews are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer so it's important to treat them just as seriously as you would an in-person interview. Below are some tips to help perfect your phone interview skills and help you land that job. Be Prepared Just like with a face-to-face interview, it's imperative to be as prepared as possible for a phone interview.

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Hiring is hard. We make it easy.

Corridor traffic on 380 - hiring in the corridor

Hiring is hard. With an unemployment rate of around 3.2% in Eastern Iowa1, you know you’ll be competing with other employers for candidate eyeballs, let alone finalizing the job offer and attracting top talent. And with so many points of entry for candidates to conduct their job search, posting your job online can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Never fear—we’ve got you covered.

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