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Upgrade your skills for employment during a Pandemic

Upgrade skills for employment Corridor Careers fall grasses in breeze

COVID-19 has caused many people to begin working from home creating an opportunity to upgrade your skills for employment. Whether you work from home, or you go to work at a physical location each day, you may be contemplating changing jobs or careers. With employers realizing employees can work from home and still be productive, it seems like this may be the new normal that many will have the option to work from home or work from an office when the pandemic ends.

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On the job hunt? Consider jobs in Marion IA for work and life

jobs in Marion IA

Looking for work near Cedar Rapids? Planning to relocate to the Cedar Rapids metro?  Try looking for jobs in Marion IA. Located adjacent to Cedar Rapids, Marion boasts a small-town community feel with a population of 34,768 in the 2010 census.  This smaller town is booming with a vibrant downtown main street and suburban neighborhoods lining up to the north and east of town.  In addition to a high growth rate, Marion is also seeing job growth as more businesses make their home in Marion.  Search jobs in Marion, IA.

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Part-Time Work in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

part time job driving a rideshare

Looking for part-time work in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City?  You may have found a sweet spot because there are a lot of opportunities for job seekers looking for part-time work.  Maybe you are unsure if part-time work is right for you, or you really aren't sure of the opportunities out there.  First let's take a look at why you may be looking for part-time work. Why work part-time?

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Facing challenges after Derecho, COVID-19? Resources for Job Seekers

out of work due to derecho Cedar Rapids Gazette

If you're currently unemployed during COVID-19, the stress you're under must be overwhelming, at times. Couple that with a giant windstorm, and suddenly, you think, "Can it get any worse?!" People faced with such stress often give up. If you are unemployed due to derecho, or currently looking for work, here are steps to move forward, along with resources to do so. Step one: Assess your needs Shelter issues: If you have a food or shelter need, that will need to be addressed prior to job search. Are you struggling with insurance providers? You can file a complaint here.

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