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Careers & Coffee: How to Handle Interview Questions

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In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss behavioral interview questions that you need to be ready for during an interview.  Behavioral interview questions are an unbiased way to pose questions to a potential employee.  There are some good ways to prepare yourself for these questions, and we go into some detail on how to combat these type of questions.

Could 401(k)s, other benefits help Iowa businesses lure employees?


Coffee Emporium is far from the only place for a Cedar Rapidian to get a caffeine fix. But the baristas have something that many of their counterparts at other coffee shops in Iowa might not have — 401(k) and retirement benefits. “It really doesn’t matter whether they’re a barista or a manager or whatever,” co-owner Abby White said. “They still have needs. They’re still human.

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Iowa businesses cope with continued shortage in available labor


When Doug Hundt hosted some guests at Vermeer Corp.’s headquarters in Pella recently, he called the nearby restaurant George’s Pizza and Steakhouse to order some food. “They said, ‘You can order a pizza and salad,’” said Hunt, president of industrial solutions for the industrial and agricultural machines manufacturer. “And that’s it.” The reason? Not enough workers. More than three months after the end of Iowa’s participation in federal unemployment programs — halted early by Gov.

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Careers & Coffee: Filling out online job applications

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In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan dive into some details about filling out online job applications. Dan Holterhaus 0:00 All right, we're back after a little hiatus from careers and coffee, coming right back at you. With our coffee, Liz Kennedy 0:09 coffee Dan Holterhaus 0:10 How are you doing? Liz Kennedy 0:12 Well, we have not stopped drinking coffee even though we have stopped. We were a little bit of a hiatus on the podcast.

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